Tips for trips

Lobos island · Corralejo

A day without cars in Europe? It's possible on the island of Lobos! Take the ferry in the morning at the port of Corralejo, best book your ticket in advance at Nortour. First thing to do at your arrival is walk to the little village to reserve your place in the restaurant. This is the only place to eat on the island so the capacity is limited. They serve great fresh fish and paella in a typical setting, correct price. Good for snorkelling, a beach day and hiking around the island. Best go when the high tide is between 11 and 16h, so the lagoons look nicer. Take a lot of suncream because there is no shadow!

Dunes  · Corralejo

A stretch of 8 km sand dunes starting at the south of Corralejo looking over the deep blue ocean and the island of Lobos. In the middle you will find the highest dunes: don't hesitate and let yourself roll downhill! Or bring your bodyboard to speed down... 

Volcano Calderon Hondo · Lajares

Visit the volcano of Lajares. This is one of the most perfect circular craters on the Canaries. From up there you also have views on Lanzarote, the dunes of Corralejo and El Cotillo. Walking up 1 hour, walking down 1 hour. At the peak you will find a wooden balcony which gives a view into the crater.  Walk up from the north side and walk back from the south side to have two different views. Don't leave the trail, only go up to the crater when you reach the stone stairs who leads you straight to the balcony. Less crowded in the afternoon.