FAQ by Hosts

How can I edit my lsitings/ads?

At the moment we offer the service of uploading your listing, we will only need your help for some details.

When the listing is ready, we will give you your password and from there you can edit it whenever necessary: ​​texts, prices, photos, ...

But you can also upload everything yourself if you prefer.

How is the payment and do I have to give my bank account number?

Correct, you need to send us your account number.

The payment of the guest first goes to our account and the day after the guest’s arrival, we transfer the amount to you, - 3% of our commission.

When do I receive the corresponding amount of the reservation?

The day after the guest’s arrival we will send the money to your account.

What cancellation policy is established with the guest?

We work with 3 cancellation policies: Flexible / Moderate / Strict. The Strict is the one we recommend for the post-Corona era.

Here you can see the 3 policies here

Is there a deposit (in advance)?

At the moment we only have the option of requesting a deposit in the traditional way: 

That is, an amount to be paid in cash on arrival that is returned on departure.

You can also request it in advance in your bank account once the reservation is confirmed.

Do I receive the email and telephone number from the first contact with the possible guest?

Only when the reservation is confirmed we pass you the guest’s contact details.

But before the confirmation you can chat with the guest in our site.